Waya.ai, Inc


Waya.ai is creating a future where medical conditions are addressed early on, in their infancy. This approach will shift the health-care industry πŸ₯ from a constant fire-fight πŸš’ against symptoms to a preventative approach where root causes are addressed and fixed βœ…. Our first step to realize this vision is an easy, precise, and available diagnostic service πŸ”ŽπŸŽ―.


Michael Dietz

CEO & Founder

Experienced software engineer specialized in data engineering/science and deep/machine learning. Previously software engineer at Nordic Semiconductor ASA and Intel, Inc.


We offer a boutique software engineering consulting service specializing in data engineering/science and deep/machine learning πŸ€–. We focus on delivering a correct, simple solution while using the best tool(s) for the job (we've contributed to tensorflow/keras and pytπŸ”₯rch, and have a solid grasp on the most current languages, libraries, frameworks, and tools). We've completed long term contracts and projects for companies ranging from 500+ employees to early stage startups.

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